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Height Safety - evolved.

Dedicated to -  Height Safety; Confined Space; Rescue & Rope Access
Training Provider; Equipment Supplier & Consultant.

Working safely
at heights


Book Now $245
  • One full day training
  • Work faster, safer and with more confidence
  • Know your obligations under current legislation
  • Use the right equipment in the right situation
  • Set up a sub 5 minute rescue plan
  • Perfect for roof workers and solar techs

Enter and Work in a confined space


Book Now $495
  • Advanced 2 day Intensive
  • Define and manage a confined space
  • Setup and use tripods and winches
  • Test and monitor for gases
  • Develop a rescue plan

Rescue System Operator
(Gotcha + others)


Book Now $320
  • Know how to pre-rig for rescue
  • The fastest rescue method for any worksite
  • Take control of your rescue plan
  • Know the different kits and how they work
  • Be able to rescue your team mates- fast
  • Competency for "Height Safety Supervisor"

Our Testimonials are almost embarassing! We had to show the actual hand written notes so you would even believe us.............

Popular Safety Equipment Catogories

Meet your trainer-

Confined SPace trainer

Christopher Roberts

Head Trainer. Rope Technician, Rescue Specialist-

Chris comes from real world side training.  His style is technical and detailed and lends itself better to those that want to really learn something new.  Chris thrives on answering difficult questions and really likes to understand the challenges of students in the real world.  The training then takes on a workshop style and fantastic learning outcomes can be achieved.

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