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Working At Heights Training Gold Coast

Working At Heights Training Gold Coast

Gold Coasts ONLY dedicated Height Safety Training and Equipment Provider!

Rope Access & Rescue has been around for 10 years on the Gold Coast providing height safety services.  Before that our trainer had spent another 7 years performing rope access, height safety, and rescue services.

Thats 17 years of height safety experience!

This experience has been condensed, tested and packaged into an intense one day safe working at height training course that is packed with real world knowledge and skills development.

What to Expect From Your Height Safety Course?

We will go into detail with the theory side, only on the information that really matters.  Topics like "Anchor Point Selection" that are safety critical get more presence than trying to remember codes and numbers.

We also use the theory side of the day to draw from you what knowledge you have, what height safety challenges you are facing, and how we can train those challenges to give you a better skill set for what you actually do.

On a practical level you can expect to cover the following skills in height safety-

This is a real set of height safety skills that you can take from our training environment into the real world with you.  Better Skills= Better Decisions!

We understand that some of you on this course will be here just for the ticket.  We accept no excuses, if you don't pay attention and pass our assessment, you will FAIL!  No Refunds.  If you have been through our training, we need you to more informed than your colleagues that haven't yet.

Above all, we want the time to fly past. We hope to get you excited about the learning.  Even if you are doing a resit for the 10th time, we aim to give you something new.  So Challenge us.  We will challenge you .


August 30, 2017 by Chris Roberts
How to Ensure Success in the Rope Access World

How to Ensure Success in the Rope Access World

The rope access industry can be a very difficult industry to get started in unless you know somebody who knows somebody.

I am speaking from the point of view of somebody with 17 years of experience in this industry. If it can be done on a rope, at some point in my career, I have probably done it.

The most crucial part about entering into the rope access industry is landing your first job. Very few rope access companies want to employ you without experience, and you can't get experience without the job. This creates a closed loop and a barrier to entry.

March 27, 2017 by Chris Roberts
How To Select your Harness

How To's. Harness Selection - Your Guide

The core of any rope access kit, or any height safety kit at all, is your harness. Unfortunately, not all harnesses are made equal, and not all harnesses suit all people. What works for one may be terrible for someone else. My personal taste is very minimalist. I am a little bit old-fashioned in this area and prefer a separate chest harness from my sit harness. The current standards call for a full body harness in all situations( fall arrest, restraint, work positioning.) Most people are aiming for a good balance between comfort, ease of use, affordability and durability.
March 27, 2017 by Chris Roberts
My Chance to Give Back - ANZAC Day 2015

My Chance to Give Back - ANZAC Day 2015

Occasionally things come your way that enhance others' lives and leaves a legacy! This "helping out a mate" was exactly that.

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I could help install an ANZAC day memorial sculpture on Elephant Rock on the Gold Coast.

The simple answer was yes, but I didn't realise how important to the community and how many people the art piece would reach. It ended up being huge!



March 27, 2017 by Chris Roberts