March 27, 2017 2 min read


Occasionally things come your way that enhance others' lives and leaves a legacy! This "helping out a mate" was exactly that.

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I could help install an ANZAC day memorial sculpture on Elephant Rock on the Gold Coast.

The simple answer was yes, but I didn't realise how important to the community and how many people the art piece would reach. It ended up being huge!

It was a simple job - the erection and securing of an art piece. The art piece was a collaboration by local artist Lynne Adams, SWELL and various primary schools which culminated in a fishing net of some 7000 hand-made recycled "poppies."

Each poppy representative of the 10,000 ANZACs and other lives lost Gallipoli.

I am not a massive art fan but the finished work had a presence and apparently, all the local TV news thought so as well.

Splashed over the news, newspapers and Facebook, I wasn't quite prepared for the interviews and paparazzi (OK, maybe I wasn't that famous but the news did go viral on social media).


It did have a very dramatic effect on people, such as this lady. And it became a BIG talking piece for the week of ANZAC 2015. The year that represented 100 years since Australian first went to their biggest war appearance, WW1.  

Click here to check out one of the interviews.

The fact that the cascading poppies helped people pause and remember their loved ones, the senselessness of war and much more, has been heartwarming.

I would like to thank Natasha and the team at Swell for the opportunity to do the install. It's not often in this line of work that you get the chance to give back.

This is me installing the artworks - I used my harness, ropes and karabiners.... etc. etc.


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