Beal - Trans'fair 2b- Double Pulley W/ Becket

Beal - Trans'fair 2b Double Pulley

Beal don't win any awards for naming this range, but they do make a decent pulley.  If you are looking to do some hauling, you won't regret adding a couple of these to your kit.

Highly efficient double pulley with swivelling side plates thanks to a ball bearing mounted sheave. Its swivelling action allows the pulley to be positioned anywhere along the rope, whilst the ball bearings ensure maximum efficiency and durability.
Ideal for intensive use with large ropes diameters. Stainless steel axle and washers. The sheave is mounted onto a bronze to collar to promote a good level of efficiency 

  • Ball bearings.
  • Individual serial number.
  • Swivelling side plate.
  • Intensive use in load transfers or pulley systems.
  • Compatible diameter - Max 16mm
  • Maximum load - MBS 30kN

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