Beal - Rope Armour Rope Protector

Beal - Rope Armour

This is a great step forward in rope protection as far as I am concerned.  The only real drawback is you need to thread it on the rope, it can't be installed mid rope.  This means if you forget to install it whilst rigging your rope, you probably wont bother!

A patented woven metal sheath, serving to protect the rope or lanyard from edges or sharp tools. This supple armour is much more durable and effective than conventional rope protectors. The ROPE ARMOUR has to be fixed around the rope, then positioned along it where protection is necessary: metal edges, roof corners, where there could be contact with angle grinders, drills… Compact in store or when positioning on the rope, it lengthens after being put in place.

  • Material: No. 65 galvanised steel
  • Length deployed: 70 cm
  • Length retracted: 16 cm
  • Weight: 250 g

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