Ferno ATOM X2 The Micro Inertia Reel - Twin Tail

Ferno ATOM X2 The Micro Inertia Reel - Twin Tail

The ATOM X2 Fall arrest block is an ultra compact Twin retractable fall arrest block.  It fits in the palm of your hand and boasts the shortest lock distance in its class.  This minimises the distance that you can fall, and that is a very good thing.

The ATOM-X2 has an increased shock absorbing capability allowing the user to anchor at foot level aka Fall Factor 2.

A simple stainless steel yoke attachment system allows two ATOM-X2’s to link together creating a dual or twin tail device. Both devices still work completely independently.


  • User Weight: 136 kg
  • Rapid Lock-On Brake Pawl
  • Load Bearing Steel Chassis
  • PC ABS Housing
  • Fall Arrest Indicating Swivel
  • Lightweight Alloy Snap Hook
  • Dual Yoke Assembly for Twin Option
  • EN 350:2002 and ANSI Certified

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