Skylotec SK12 Ergo Grip Adjustable Lanyard Alloy Hooks

A common habit of rope access technicians is to have one massive long cowstail.  We all know this is not a good idea for so many reasons.  A good adjustable lanyard like the ergo grip is a much better choice for those that need the versatility of a long lanyard/cowstail without the slack.

This one comes with a triple action alloy karabiner on the rope adjuster and an alloy double action snap hook sewn into the rope.

This is what Skylotec say-

Work positioning ropes are for getting into the right working position. The core-sheathed ropes used by SKYLOTEC can withstand extreme edge loads, are resistant to abrasion, remain soft in damp conditions and feature a long service life. It is an extremely simple matter to adjust the Ergogrip range with self-locking carabiners with one hand. Great rope access equipment.

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