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Rope Access & Rescue

Ultimate Restraint Line Kit

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This custom built roofers kit restraint line

Perfect for working safely at heights and on structures.

Solar installers, roof restorers, and height safety professionals love this kit.

Ultra lightweight and simple for

  • less fatigue
  • greater comfort
  • less frustration
  • added efficiency
  • improved safety
  • improved compliance
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade
  • long life span
  • easy to replace the rope
  • Comes with rope protection

Years of working at height experience and expert product knowledge has gone into making this kit for you.

The Harness is very simple and yet effective with its low central front hard attachment point. This give unrivaled control over your equipment for fine tuning.

The lightweight triple action karabiner combined with the lightweight Alloy rope grab don't add weight to the worker increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.

The rope grab allows for easy one handed adjustments on the fly. Allowing you to carry tools and equipment while adjusting system length.

The two lengths of rope allow you to pick the right length for the job, minimising loose rope on the roof as a trip hazard.

Rope Protection Sleeve can be easily adjusted to protect the rope from sharp edges.

This incredibly verstile kit can be used in numerous height safety situations. The kit comes with or without a shock absorber pack. If using without a shock absorber, fall distance must be kept to less than 600mm and used as a restraint system. If you believe there is the potential for a fall greater than 600mm select the shock absorber option.

Shock absorber can always be added at a later date.