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Beal Access 11mm Unicore Abseil Rope 200m Roll

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Brand Beal

Beal Access 11mm Unicore

This 11mm static rope is a great all-rounder. Great working, knotting and handling properties. With the Unicore bonding process, it is super safe with no sheath slippage.

Sheath slip isn't just a problem when ropes are being cut. Single cam descenders push the sheath down the rope every pass. With continued use, you end up with a fat end of the rope and sheath hanging off with no core. This is avoided with the bonded core, giving the rope a longer working life.

Manufacturers are always looking fro ways to improve their products, and I believe this bonding process is a good step forward in the rope making process. A good quality piece of rope access equipment.

Here is how Beal describe the process-

"An astonishing process, bonding rope sheath and core without affecting the rope?s suppleness. If the sheath is cut or torn, the core and sheath remain bonded together. With a standard rope, if the sheath is cut by abrasion over an edge, a frequent occurrence in the mountains, it slides and gathers over some metres.It then becomes impossible to pass this zone, whether ascending or whether ascending or descending."


They even made a little video for you-

This video is quite interesting, seeing how they make the rope-


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