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Petzl Toolbag for Rope Access Work

The  Petzl Toolbag

A great addition to their range.  The small toolbag is good for personal gear, phones, wallets, lipstick, tape measures screws and fixings etc.  The larger bag is twice the size at 5litres and can hold three times the weight at 15kgs making it ideal for hand and small power tools.

The ovated design keeps the bag closer to the body so it doesnt stand out and knock into things as you walk past.

The bags are built tough enough for a good working life span and priced very well compared to a lot of alternatives.


  • Allows tools to be organized during suspended work
  • Cordlock allows the pouch to be closed easily during transport or when moving about
  • Attaches easily to any type of harness
  • Available in two sizes:
    - small size for smaller tools (measuring tape, pencil, screws/nuts...)
    - large size for hand tools (hammer, screwdriver...)