Ferno Ultrlight X Fall Arrest Harness (standard size)

The Ultrulight X from Ferno is made for the person who cares about serious comfort.  If you are a regular harness wearer, you won't find anything quite so feature rich and comfortable as the Ultrlight X.

This is for the standard size. It fits most.  If you are very tall or short call us to order the right size.

Ferno says:-

This safety harness is constructed with pliable, moisture-wicking mesh that provides the wearer with unrestricted flexibility and comfort during low and high-risk work conditions. Due to its innovative cross-style design, forces exerted in the event of a fall are distributed evenly through the harness to dissipate damaging impact shock and protects the user from internal injuries.

For confined space entry and work at heights restraint, tie into the Ultralite's front attachments points, adjust the leg straps and sit into the harness for additional comfort and support as well as reducing the chances of suspension trauma. 

The harness adjusts to fit a large range of body shapes. This feature combined with the flexible and unrestrictive frontal straps makes the Ultralite X a favourite for females.

The Ultralite X features all alloy componentry with oil, grease and water repellent webbing. The harness' reflective properties provide pronounced visibility and safety when working in darkness. Non-metallic front and rear free fall arrest attachment points have contributed to the overall impressive weight of 1.29 kg - a significant weight saving that reduces fatigue on the wearer. 

The Ferno Ultralite X Harness is so light and comfortable, you'll forget you've got it on!

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