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ISC Wales

ISC Hauler Biner Micro Rescue Pulley Kit

The Hauler Biner from ISC is one of their new innovative products.  An extremely useful rescue device for picking off casualties in a suspended rescue.  Small, compact and lightweight.  Sits neatly on the back of your harness for when you need it most.  

The HaulerBiner is a mechanical advantage system, which has three pulley wheels incorporated into each Karabiner, creating a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 Mechanical Advantage system.  The HaulerBiner has a purpose designed progress capture cam, with an ‘on/off’ position. 

The HaulerBiner can be used in a number of ways:

As part of a pick-off system

On a structure, pull down on the system and achieve a 6:1 (theoretical) Mechanical Advantage

When suspended in a harness, the user can pull up on the system and achieve a 7:1(theoretical) Mechanical Advantage

With a D4/D2 Descender, as part of a short-haul/long-lower system

As a tensioning system for short/low load lines

As a stretcher management device, using two or more HaulerBiners to easily change or adjust the orientation of the stretcher

The HaulerBiner is supplied in a double pocket pouch, for easy deployment and storage on the user’s harness.