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Skylotec Rescue Pro 2.0 Rope Access and Rescue Harness

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Rope Access and Rescue Harness

Skylotec has been coming out with some very innovative designs in the harness world.  This shows their in-depth understanding of what is needed by a worker in a harness and what can be done using the latest materials and some clever design.

The Rescue Pro 2.0 is a favourite of mine.  I have road tested it for over a year and found it compares better than other far more expensive harnesses on the market.

Super comfortable design with fast buckles on the legs for easing in and out.  The shoulder padding is adequate without being over the top.  The integrated chest ascender really works.  I have tried other harnesses that don't seem to be able to quite get this part right.

A great feature is the dedicated loops for attaching a positioning seat for extra comfort on those long hangs.  The loops allow ascent and descent with the need to adjust anything.

This harness is a real winner in this category.


I am 6'2(188cm) and 90kg and I would wear a Medium-Xl fully closed on the waist so these are made quite large. If you are lighter than this go with the smaller version.