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Confined Space Training 2 Day Advanced Course - Gold Coast 

Includes Gas Test Atmosphere

Our Next Confined Space training course is - Wednesday 19th September
Only 8 Places per course and they sell fast.

Click Here to Book Now- $490

This in-depth and technical training will take you from novice to confined space entry guru in just two days.

These are a few of our key ingredients to great quality training-

  • A Quality training package from a world wide training company
  • A real world trainer with a wealth of experience to offer
  • Great quality equipment,and a great range to learn on
  • A venue that allows simulation of a realistic confined space 
  • Low student to teacher ratio for plenty of hands on practice
  • Plenty of parking!

Rope Access & Rescue are in industry specialist in difficult access and high risk situations.  Entering and working in confined spaces is no exception.
Confined spaces and the the significant hazards they present are responsible for taking numerous lives every year in Australia.  I this training course you can expect to learn-

  • Definitions of a confined space and how to identify one
  • How to formally assess and manage the risks when deciding to work in a confined space
  • How to perform correct ventilation and testing and monitoring of the atmosphere
  • Your Obligations under the Law and how to meet or exceed them
  • How to select, setup and operate the different equipment associated with working in a confined space
  • How to develop and use permit systems for best practice
  • How to develop and execute a rapid rescue plan without endangering yourself or others

Meet your trainer-

Confined SPace trainer

Christopher Roberts

Head Trainer. Rope Technician, Rescue Specialist- Total NERD!

Chris comes from real world side training.  His style is technical and detailed and lends itself better to those that want to really learn something new.  Chris thrives on answering difficult questions and really likes to understand the challenges of students in the real world.  The training then takes on a workshop style and fantastic learning outcomes can be achieved.

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