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Our Safe Working at Heights training course can be run at your location, at your convenience.
This is the foundation training for all working at height activity.  We can currently offer this training on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales.

Course Minimum & Maximum Requirements

  • 2 Persons.
  • Maximum 10 persons.
We need at least 2 trainees to run this course.
We will never dilute our training below 10 students to 1 teacher ratio, so 10 is our max on one course.

Candidate requirements:

No prior knowledge is required for this course.  
We are starting from the very beginning with this one.  
However if you have done a similar course in the past, there is still a very good chance you will still learn a lot as we go to a deeper technical level with all our courses.

Facility requirements:

We will need a quiet area indoors with a power point to set up the classroom.  A clear wall to project onto is helpful.  Tables and chairs for each student.
For the practical part of the course, we require any structure, roof or tower.
We will supply a tripod and a frame to complete the practical side if nothing else is available.  The more structure the better.  If we can access your actual "working at height situation" we can focus even more on your real world situation.

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Our Working at height training goes above and beyond (excuse the pun), to create and install a very in-depth working knowledge of height safety protocols and equipment.

Having better knowledge will lead to better decisions when working at height. Choosing the right work method and the right equipment will save your life.  These are a two of our key principles when training this course. A better understanding of the equipment also leads to more efficiency in the workplace. Less time head scratching and more time doing the billable tasks that make you profit!  

We can help equip you with the best equipment for exactly what you need to do. Nothing more, nothing less.  And we believe in keeping things nice and simple, again, for the sake of efficiency. We can help you cut through the confusion of compliant paperwork. Getting you set up with working documents that feed on the knowledge of workers and not from the desk of the office.

Working Safely at Heights Training Gold Coast - RIIWHS204D - $275.00

Rescue Training Course- Gold Coast - $345.00

Height Safety Equipment Inspector Training Course- Gold Coast - $275.00

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