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Beal - Prussic and Accessory Cords by the Length- 8mm

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Brand Beal

Beal - Accessory Cords 8mm

We only keep the 5mm which is great for making your own tools lanyards and a thousand other uses, and the 8mm which is great for making prussic and foot loops.

The colour you receive is pot luck! If this is a major concern give us a call first to see what is in stock. 

Multi-use: BEAL accessory cords of 5 and 8 mm in diameter conform to the requirements of the UIAA and European Standards.

  • 5mm  - Roll Length - 120m.  Standard -  EN 564. Certification - CE/UIAA. Material - Polyamide. Weight per Metre -  19.5g
  • 8mm - Roll Length - 120m. Standard -  EN 564. Certification - CE/UIAA. Material - Polyamide. Weight per Metre - 40g

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