Beal - Prussic and Accessory Cords by the Metre- 5mm

Beal - Accessory Cords 5mm

We only keep the 5mm which is great for making your own tools lanyards and a thousand other uses, and the 8mm which is great for making prussic and foot loops.

Choose first the diameter you require then the length you need.

The colour you receive is pot luck! If this is a major concern give us a call first to see what is in stock.


Multi-use: BEAL accessory cords of 5 and 8 mm in diameter conform to the requirements of the UIAA and European Standards.

  • 5mm  - Roll Length - 120m.  Standard -  EN 564. Certification - CE/UIAA. Material - Polyamide. Weight per Metre -  19.5g
  • 8mm - Roll Length - 120m. Standard -  EN 564. Certification - CE/UIAA. Material - Polyamide. Weight per Metre - 40g