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Beal Air-sit Work Positioning Seat for Rope Access

Beal Air Sit

The Air Sit is a great value, full featured work positioning seat for industrial rope access and any other suspended harness work.

Plenty of padding to keep you comfortable for hours during those long suspension shifts

Plenty of options for hanging your tools, buckets and bagged ropes.

When compared to the other work positioning seat options available this could be considered a bargain!

Built to last with Beal quality.  This is not a cheaper compromise.


- Triangulation of the 2 lateral attachment points-assists stability.
- Durable and breathable comfort padding.
- 2 plastic lateral gear loops are pre-shaped for ease of clipping.
- 4 mini gear loops are equally available on the sides to attach 'AIR-LEASH' extendable tool holders2 'TOOL-BUCKET' tool pouches.
- A ring under the seat can be used to attach a bag.

400mm Long x 180mm Wide.