Beal Contract 10.5mm Static Rope 200m roll

Beal Contract 10.5mm Static rope

This is exceptional value rope. It wears well and is surprisingly durable.

The half-millimeter difference from the usual 11mm static line makes it much easier to move on, especially when wet. Most ropes get a bit stiffer and fatter over time. these just stay a littler more usable.

You can have any colour you want as long as it is white!

Here is what the manufacturer says about this piece of rope access equipment-

"Type A rope with the optimum balance quality/price"

They obviously don't feel the need to waste words at this price!

The Tech Specs-

  • Type A
  • MBS 2500KG
  • MBS Sewn Terminations 2200KG
  • Weight Per Metre- 68g
  • Sheath to Core Ratio- 36/64
  • EN 1891

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