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Beal - Genius Simple- Tool Pouch

Beal - Genius Simple Tool Pouch

This is an awesome little pouch for small tools and fixings.  Can be great as your personal man bag to keep your phone and wallet and lipstick out of your pockets while on the ropes.

The opening snaps open and closed to stop things falling out.  It also allows you to get a look on the pouch to where that last screw you can find got to.

A Single pocket Bag for carrying small tools and fastenings.
The clic clac express closure stops the pocket contents getting lost.
A magnetic plate allows temporary storage on the outside of the pocket.

• Express closure.
• Easy to attach to theharness.
• Rigid opening.
• Magnetic plate.

Weight: Genius Simple 180 g 
Type Capacity Weight Height Width Max. load
Simple 1,5 L 180 g 25 cm 15 cm 50 kg

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