Beal - Hot-Protector Rope Access Rope Protector

Beal - Hot-Protector Rope Protector

Most rope protectors out there will melt at the sight of a flame.  This is a must have item for anyone doing boiler maker type work on the ropes.  Some might think its a lot to pay for a rope protector, but it could save a LOT by not damaging ropes.  It could even save your life!

Made of glass fibre and aluminium, the HOT PROTECTOR is a patented rope protector resistant to heat, welding spatter, angle grinder, or a blowlamp flame - for a short time.
Placement is facilitated by a magnetic closure.
    • Increased resistance to heat.
    • Easy to close thanks to its magnets.
    • Can be independently positioned on hot metal surfaces.
    • Length: 70 cm
    • Weight: 180 g

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