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Beal - Pro work 60 Gear or Rope Bag

Beal - Pro work 60 Gear or Rope Bag

This will fit a 200 metre rope, a few slings, karabiners, a harness, your packed lunch and the kitchen sink.  It stays open well while trying to feed ropes into it.  Built tough with a long working life in mind.  

All this at very reasonable price!

Very large 60 litre capacity transport sac with wide, stiff opening well adapted to rescue and large volume carrying requirements. A large waterproof transparent window allows you to see the sac contents. 2 very strong carrying handles help with handling heavy loads.

  • Large rigid opening.
  • High Frequency welding.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and belt.
  • Ergonomic padded back.
  • Metal adjustment buckles.
  • Inventory window.
  • Capacity: 60 L - Weight: 1825 g

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