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Beal - Transf'air Twin B- Tandem Pulley

$89.95 $81.00

Brand Beal

Beal - Transf'air Twin B

If you want to send something or someone down a zip line then this is for you.  Can be used on cable.  This would be equivalent to the Petzl Tandem Speed at nearly twice the price!

A double pulley with two inline stainless steel sheaves mounted on ball bearings. The TRAINSF’AIR Twin B is speci cally designed for intensive use on rope or wire zip lines. 
  • Two stainless steel in-line sheaves increase stability.
  • Ball bearings ensure consistent efficiency regardless of the user’s weight. • Can accommodate up to 3 karabiners.
  • Individual serial number. 
  • Rope or wire zip lines 

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