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Rescue Kit "Genius Pro 100" w/pole


The Hero "Genius" Ultimate Rescue Kit!

This rescue kit is part of your team.  Designed from the ground up to eliminate any potential for error in use.  This system is ultra simple, incredibly versatile, very fast and totally reliable.

All rescue systems require the same core ingredients to make up a "rescue system"

  • A rescue rope to lift and lower
  • A friction device to control descent
  • A progress capture device (usually the same as the descent device)
  • Some form of mechanical advantage so you can lift more than you can lift
  • An extension pole so you can reach further than you can reach

Each part of this system has been analysed and the correct component carefully selected from a wide range of manufacturers.  17years of experience has gone into making this kit as simple as possible without compromising its effectiveness.  We looked at all strengths of other kits available on the market and kept them. Then we looked at all of their weaknesses and ironed them out.  The result is the Hero "Genius".

This is what is known as a Short Haul Long Lower system.  Designed to remotely connect to the fallen worker, without the need for the rescuer to go into suspension himself.  This is vital in situations where trained abseil rescue personnel are not available, or there are no further safety anchors to attach to.

The Hero "Genius" can be used in a multitude of different ways to be an effective height safety and rescue kit. 

Used as a tensioned static line, a worker can be rescued simply by extending the line and lowering them in the middle of the loop to a safe location.

Used with an additional rope grab as a vertical static line, the rescue can be performed as a simple lower off.

Used without the rescue pole, the Hero "Genius" can be used as an evacuation kit.


With this level of versatility, simplicity. efficacy and price tag, its no wonder we are struggling to keep up with demand for these kits!







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