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Kong Futura Body Chest Ascender

Kong Futura Body chest ascender.

Tiny little rope clamp! Perfect for setting up a lightweight rope access kit.  This can be retrofitted to most harnesses, keeping down bulk and weight.  If you consider yourself to be a minimalist, the Kong Futura range is worth buying. A strong piece of Rope Access Equipment.

Here is Kongs point of view-

Chest ascender, incredibly reduced size and weight, only 80g! Used together with Futura Hand and Futura Foot it's the best support  to ascend a rope with the "ROPE WALKING SYSTEM" (as if climbing a ladder). After testing the system, cavers confirm an excellent performance and a 30% efficiency's increase during the ascent. 
Fitted with anti-overturning system of the cam.
High quality product, made in Italy!


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