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Kong Futura Mini Block Hauling Pulley

Kong Futura Mini Block.

This compact hauling pulley from Kong is a great tool for any rope access kit. The ball bearing pulley makes it very efficient and the cam is not too agressive. Perfect for quickly setting up 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 systems.

Here is what Kong says about it-

Low friction pulley fitted with a locking device that can be activated and deactivated through the special pawl.

Compact and lightweight, conceived for mountaineering and rescue. Properly used in the recovery of materials in wall, it becomes fundamental for the preparation of simple or double hoists for rescue and self-rescue.

It can be used in case of emergency also like a ascender.

Miniblock belongs to the family of ultra compact lockers called Futura.

High quality rope access product, made in Italy!


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