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Kong Ovalone Karabiner Series

The Kong Ovalone

This Oval Karabiner has a wide-opening and a wider symmetrical over normal ovals.  This allows for better positioning on anchors and lanyards.

The Steel version boasts a high load of 40 KN. Ideal for heavy-duty applications and for connection to structural anchors, lifelines, etc. 

The Alloy version is very light whilst still achieving 26kN

Key features:

-System Keylock

-High-quality product entirely developed and manufactured in Italy

-Tested piece by piece

-Individually serial numbered.

Karabiner Strength Long Axis Strength Cross Axis Strength Open Weight(g) Largest Dimension (mm)
 Alloy Tri-Lock 26kN 9kN NA 79 110
 Steel Tri-Lock 40kN 15kN na 210 110
 Alloy ScrewLock  26kN 12kN 8kN 72 110
 Steel Screwlock  40kN 15kN 12kN  205  110