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Kong Stainless Steel Big "D" Karabiner 35kN

Kong Stainless Steel Big "D" Karabiner 35kN

This is basically the only rigging carabiner you really need for most rope access applications.  I understand that it is not as strong as the carbon steel version, but really, how heavy are you?  There is something very satisfying when you pull out your rigging karabiners years after you have purchased them and they still shine like brand new!

The screw gate mechanism is always smooth and easy and the triple action option snaps closed nicely.  They are a decent size for most rope access rigging and good for 3.5 Tons!  Why would you buy anything else?

These are individually stamped, serial numbered and tested 

Manufacturers description-

The X-Large is designed to offer a wide gate opening and a high tensile strength. The particular D shape prevents the rotation of the carabiner and allows to distribute the load along the major axis.
Equipped with Keylock system that prevents any snagging on the rope and in the bolts.
Easy to open even wearing gloves.
High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.

Articolo Material Colour Shape
5111200L3KK CE EN 12275CE EN 362/BUIAA Stainless steel Keylock Polished 35 11 / 250 Asymmetric 114 76.5 12 / 26


Locking System

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