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Ocun Thor 4Q Black n Green w/chest Ascender

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The Ocun Thor 4Q - Black and Green 

The Ocun full body harness is ideal for rope access, riggers, climbers or anyone that requires a super lightweight and comfortable harness.

This is not just another copy of every other harness out there.  This is something a bit special!  And it looks cool as hell!

The harness looks and is very minimal in design.  The padding is vented and non-absorbent, perfect for hotter climates.  Traditional padding can get full of sweat and start to smell rapidly.  This padding is also washable.

The advanced design and fit of the Ocun Thor make it extremely comfortable, even in the absence of heavy padding.  The ergonomics have been very well thought out.
The integrated chest ascender is properly integrated.  Locked in position with a sewn termination, not a floppy adjustable strap or clip.

The waist and leg loop buckles are quick release and tiny.  Putting the harness on takes seconds.

Adjustments for fit are available on all components to fine tune it to any body height and shape.

The front and rear fall arrest points are a sewn loop and very low profile.  This adds again to the lightness and comfort of the harness.The side D's fold back to be almost completely flat out of the way when not in use.