Petzl ASTRO Bod Fast Ultimate Rope Access Harness

Petzl's latest and greatest rope access and rescue harness yet.  The Astro Bod Fast is most definitely the most well thought out harness we have seen hit the market.

It is loaded with innovation and features to make a difficult job less difficult.


 This harness has been made with so much comfort in mind, you will be trying not to fall asleep while working!

A semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops are lined with a sculpted breathable foam padding to keep away the pins and needles and dead legs for hours.

Foam shoulder straps are spaced widely and rolled at the neck contact point not to damage your delicate neck skin.

The old style fold outside attachment D's (normally only ever used for hanging tools and stowing your cows tails) are gone!  Replaced by these neat low profile webbing D's with a plastic lining. Nice!

I think the real point of difference is at the front ventral D.Petzl Astro Bod Fast Harness

This is a major overhaul to the main front attachment point.  The harness arrives fully assembled, but with a couple of twist of the supplied Allen key style tool, the ventral D is dismantled.

Petzl Astro New Harness Rope Access


This allows the user to install a Progress Lanyard to the centre of the bar, plus sewn lanyard on the main large D.  This feature alone makes the Petzl Astro worth the money!

Your Petzl Podium, or other work positioning seat, is now attached using two small shackles placed either end of the central bar/pin.  This means you are optimally loaded on your seat descending and ascending.  The Shackles, of course, are sold separately!

If you are serious about your safety and comfort, then is a new rope access harness that has raised the bar in the rope access & Rescue industry.  Call into our shop for a fitting.

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