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Rescue Kit from Rope Access & Rescue

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Rescue Kit from Rope Access & Rescue This product takes 2 days to ship

Rescue Kit from Rope Access & Rescue

Remote Rescue kit from Rope Access & Rescue.  Efficient, compact site rescue kit.  Easy to use with a little training. Select 50m or 100m range for lowering.

This is a short haul/ long lower system.  An effective pulley system makes lifting very easy, even over edges.  The ISC D4 is the braking and lowering device.

The rescue rope is 11m static, terminated with a double action steel karabiner.

The rescue pole is lightweight and extendable.  A Skylotec product called the TeleStik.  It holds the karabiner open while you clip the casualty into the rescue system.

The rescue system comes complete in its own bag with an external sleeve for the rescue pole.We have written our own instruction

The system comes with a basic instruction manual.  This is to remind you about your training, not to replace it!  To organise training call Chris on 0424507797

This is a super efficient remote rescue system, that is easy to use, has the full range of the rope(100m) and a very good price tag.  A Gotcha Rescue kit with the same range would cost well over $2800!  Plus this is much more simple, won't get tangled, uses full rope range, rigs without the rescuer in the system.

If you started looking for a Gotcha Kit, save time, money and frustration by getting one of these. Great quality rope access equipment.


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