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Rescue Training Course- Gotcha & other kit PUAOHS001C, PUASAR022A Gold Coast

$1,750.00 $1,575.00

Rescue Systems Operator Training Gold Coast

This course adds more skills to the Working Safely at Heights training course required to be a height safety manager.

This is an extremely valuable training course and covers all the basic principles of planning and executing a rapid rescue using a pre-rigged rescue kit.

We will cover a range of different rescue systems and discuss the similarities and differences in detail.  Choosing the correct rescue kit for the situation, and practising the efficient activation and performance of a rescue.

A fallen worker left in suspension has very little time to be rescued.  After this course, you will be empowered to retrieve your work colleagues from any situation.

Pre-rigged rescue kits are common place on work sites across Australia.  With this training, you will be able to use most of them.

The principles of this course will lead you seamlessly into more advanced rescue techniques should you choose to go that way.

Course Minimum = 2 persons

Course Maximum = 6 persons

You must have your safe working at heights training to complete this course.

Venue Requirements:

We will need some structure to demonstrate and practice the rescues.  This could be a scaffolding platform, radio tower, crane tower or roof structure with anchor points.


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