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Skylotec Basic Roofers Workers Safety Kit

Skylotec Basic Roof Workers Kit

This is the sort of slick looking roofers kit you want to been seen in.

A German made, high quality, classic compliance level harness that fits really well.   Plenty of adjustment means its a one size fits all.  Lightweight, easy to put on and off.  Quick clip across the chest and strong compression buckles on the legs.

The ErgoGrip is Skylotec's name for their adjustable rope lanyard.  This ergonomic, aluminium rope grab comes with a 15m length of rope as standard.  ( please call if longer lengths are required).  It really is a lot better to use than the clunky steel rope grabs seen on most roof workers kits in this price range.

A compact shock absorber with two oval steel karabiners to connect securely to the harness.  

Finally, a 26kN, 1 metre round sling is in the kit for attaching to structure.

They pack this into a neat, durable, nylon water resistant bag.

This kit is definitely a little bit fancier than your average roofers kit! 

1x harness

1x adjustable rope lanyard 15m

1x shock absorber

2x Oval Steel Karabiner

1x 26kN round sling

1x Carry bag


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