Skylotec Inertia Reel, 3m Triple action karabiner

Skylotec Inertia Reel- Steel Cable -Triple action karabiner- 3 metre

This inertia reel from Skylotec has great features outlined below, but first, let's explain the cost of ownership-

This reel only requires a back to base service after 5 years! That's a huge cost saving. An average back to base service could easily cost $200-300. Multiply this by five and you have your saved value of $1000-1500! Thats huge! More than the cost of the unit. With that rapid amortisation figure in mind, these units are basically free!

Skylotec fall arrest blocks are light and compact and provide the maximum in functional safety and durability. -The spring return is very small, weighing just 1.5 kg. -The housing is manufactured from break-proof ABS plastic. The interior is made of saltwater-proof aluminium. -The carabiner is equipped with a fall indicator. -The cable is 5 mm thick and made of steel. The maintenance costs are low and the professional inspection, required annually, can take place without opening the device. The devices are also approved for horizontal use according to RFU (recommendation for use) in combination with the shock absorber package..

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