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Skylotec Passo HMS(Pear) Karabiner Alloy

The Skylotec PassO screw gate karabiner is very nice looking device!  It has an instant reassuring build quality that makes you happy to put your life on it.

Just in case you wanted to know, HMS is a German acronym for Halb Mastwurf Sicherung.  Google translates this as "Half-mast dump protection" what ever that means.  Anyway, it is designed for the Munter Hitch.  If you don't know what a munter hitch is, why are you looking at karabiners?!

Size - 112x76.5

MBS Major axis- 22kN

MBS Minor axis- 10kN

MBS Open- 7kN

Max Opening- 30mm

Weight- 0.8kg