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Tendon 11mm Static Quality Rope Access Abseil Rope

$3.79 $3.41

Brand Tendon

Tendon Ropes are a serious work horse.  We have used and abused these ropes and they take everything we can throw them.  They perform as well or better than far more expensive ropes on the market.

Available in White, Black, Blue or Red for those of you that like to be fashionable. Great piece of rope access equipment.

Now for the tech specs for the more discerning rope nerds like myself: -

Rope diameter(mm) 11mm
Weight (g/m) 79
Number of falls 50
Relative sheath mass (%) 42
Sheath slippage (mm) 0
Elongation 50-150kgs (%) 3.2
Shrinkage (%) 3
Tenacity (kN) 40
Min Tenacity with Knots 20


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