Tendon Elite Secure 11mm Static Rope 200m Roll

The Elite Secure from Tendon Ropes is another advanced abseil and rescue rope.  The sheath has been bonded to the core in a patented manufacturing process.  This means that if the rope suffers from damage while in use, the sheath will not slip down the rope as a traditional construction rope would.
This helps the rope maintain more strength even when badly damaged.

The rope is very hard wearing and resistant to repeated use, wet and dry and dusty conditions.  It remains flexible and easy to use for a very long time.

Technical data

number of falls (min.) 20
elongation (50-150 kg) (%) 4.5
CE 1019 yes
rope diameter (mm) 11
max. impact force (kN) 4.3
shrinkage (%) 0.8
min. tenacity with knots (kN) 19.8
EN 1891 yes
weight (g/m) 84.6
tenacity (kN) 35
relative mass of sheath (%) 33.1
sheat slippage (mm) 0