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The Hero Rescue Kit - Ultimate Rescue Kit from Rope Access & Rescue

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The Hero Rescue Kit 

The Simplest, Fastest, Quickest, Easiest, Most Powerful and Versatile Rescue Kit On The Market

20 Years of technical rescue experience has gone into designing and building this kit.  We applied the KISS ( Keep It Seriously Simple) principle over and over again until we couldn't eliminate any further complexity.

The Hero Rescue Kit can be used for -
  • Emergency Pick Off Rescue with extension pole ( think Gotcha Kit if you know it, but WAY better)
  • Lower off a structure Rescue
  • Tightline Rescue
  • Abseil Assisted Rescue
  • Confined Space horizontal rescue
  • Evac or Bail Off structure (tower crane etc)
  • Pre-Rigged rescue kit for roof work
  • Set it up as a temporary, releasable static line both horizontally and vertically
  • Use it to belay a coworker into a high-risk situation with rapid retrieval.
This list could go on!

The system is what's known as a short haul- long lower rescue system.
This means that if you have a 100m kit, you have 100m of range ( minus a metre or two for your knots).  This prevents confusion when selected the right kit for the level of exposure.

Our unique mechanical advantage system gives you a 6-1 ratio.  This powerful compact pulley system enables the littlest guy on the team to rescue the biggest on the team with ease, even over a 90-degree corner.

Rescue needs to be fast!  The Hero Kit is the fastest kit we have seen by a long margin.  If set up correctly, rescue can be done in seconds not minutes.

Another major consideration in the development of the Hero Rescue kit was training.  The simplicity of the system means that we can have you competent and slick at a rescue in just hours.

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